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Welcome to SheCanCode!

Hey folks,

I've created this community to serve as a support structure / place of learning / place to ask questions about computer programming and computer science. I'm learning python myself, but I'm not going to restrict anyone from asking questions about other languages, or Free operating systems like GNU/Linux, the BSDs, etc. The only restriction I'm going to make is no non-programming-in-Free-languages-related Windows questions. So "how do I install Python on Windows" is cool, "how do I remove spyware / malware from Windows" is not. I'll post some helpful links to the latter type of question in the community info - otherwise let's try and keep the focus on Free software :-)

You are welcome here regardless of your gender, even as this comm was created as a comfortable space for women who are learning to program. If you are of either gender and act like a jerk towards other memebers, then you will not be welcome.

To get people started, here are some resources on Python:

Eric S. Raymond (hacker historian / important Open Source dude) on "Why Python"

Novice resources:

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Python Edition)

A Byte of Python

Learning To Program

Already have programming experience and want to learn Python?

Dive into Python

Thinking in Python

Python Resources

The Vaults of Parnassus - Lots of code to reuse and abuse :-)

Useless Python - same think, less serious

Daily Python

Feel free to comment on here - many of these are going to go into the comm info when I get the chance :-)

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